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My name is Matt and I am Drew’s dad. He was in a couple of your camps for the first time this year. Drew had a chance to tryout for his first fed team last week. The coaches loved him and we are happy to say he made the team. But what impressed the coach most and the first thing he said after the tryout was how well my son listened. He stated he made eye contact while he was talking and did, or attempted to do what he was asking. He was quite impressed with that for a just turned 8 yr old. Ever since your camp we still try to instill “respect” with eye contact and listening to someone while they are talking. Drew has become better with it and it was all thanks to you. Now I know you probably get a lot of emails about how much the kids learned about baseball, and trust me, he remembers it all and is better for it. But I just wanted to personally thank you for the things that most times are not taught on any field. You started my son on the right path to being respectful and learning to focus and pay attention. We really enjoyed the camps and your hospitality made my son comfortable. Opening your doors for knowledge and training, on and off the field, is pretty rare now a days. Your staff was great with kids and we will definitely be back. Thanks again!


I want to thank you for consistently running such terrific baseball camps. The camps do a great job of teaching the proper fundamentals of baseball – the instruction at each station is top notch. The camps are run in a fun and friendly way – but in the backdrop of a disciplined and respectful approach – which is terrific for these boys and young men. I highly recommend your camps to any young baseball player looking to improve and reach their full potential. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Jason & Melissa

Ryan has been working with Coach Moose for several years. He has enjoyed the camps greatly over the years, receiving a positive, enriching experience each and every time. He really takes to the coaching and instructions. He has a deep respect for each of the coaches. (It’s funny how we can tell him something over and over and then he comes home from camp and say guess what I learned. You guessed it, the same thing we had been telling him lol). As parents we appreciate the professionalism and love for the game each of the coaches have. From the one on one teaching, to the positive, constructive feedback provided and most importantly, a fun and personable atmosphere, my son can’t wait for each summer to come around so he can get back to work with Coach. Thank you for your dedication to each of the players and to Ryan over the years. You’ve created an environment that has not only helped his game tremendously but has also given him lifelong memories to cherish. Thank you!


I have three sons that all play travel baseball (14U, 13U, 12U). I committed to working with Coach Moose this year based on the recommendation of a trusted coach that I’ve known for years. All three boys benefitted greatly. Coach Musachio and his staff ran the camp like a college workout. It was fast-paced, well organized and demanding. They were very good at adjusting their coaching level and advice for players to match their skill levels. The coaching staff did a great job in balancing the development of the players with a lot of fun. The kids felt that they learned a great deal. You can count all three of my boys “in” for working with Coach Moose again!

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