• P3: Hitting & Pitching

    Ages (10-13)

    Moose Athletics Hitting Development Coordinator, Coach Mike McGee, leads
    this unique program designed to address:
    - Effcient swing mechanics
    - Functional stength development
    - Improved decision making
    - Off-speed recognition
    - Improved exit velocity

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  • Next Level - Grades (9-12)

    Moose Athletics will combine expert level swing & hitting instruction with Rapsodo analytic technology to craft an accurate and efficient improvement roadmap for each hitter. Each player will have a specifically designed program tailored to each of their strengths/ weaknesses. This camp utilizes the Rapsodo swing analyzer.

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  • Off-Season Camps


    Moose Athletics off-season camps to continue to develop Pitching/Throwing & Hitting sklls. All camps are not progresssive so campers can register for any session seamlessly.

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  • Learn from Legends

    Coach Moose and his prefessional staff all have decades of baseball playing and coaching experience at D-1 Colleges and above. Learn from those who've been there.

  • Camps for all

    With several camps that range in age and skill level development, we should have a program to fit your player's needs. Reach out to us to help select the right camp(s) for you.

  • Location

    Conveiently located in Rochester, Mi, we have access to multiple playing fields and our own indoor training facilities to keep learning going.