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Moose Athletics

NL Fall Pitching Camp - 56 Training Hours - Grades 9-12

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Moose Athletics - NL: Next Level Pitching 

Moose Athletics pitching instructors will utilize slow motions camera and radar technoolgy (through Rapsodo) to define and analyze every posssible data point of the pitch in flight.  Moose Athletics will use the compbination of Rapsodo technology and expert pitching instruction to formulate an overall plan/goal for each player.

    All data is measured by slow motion camera and radar technology.  Learn more info about the Rapsodo Pitching 2.0 

    Camp Info:

    1. Rapsodo Cloud subscription, providing at-home access to all tracked pitches/swings.
    2. 24 total hours of player development/strength training.
    3. Initial player evaluation, covering assessment of mechanical movement patterns, as well as Rapsodo metric evaluation & baseline data.
    4. Comprehensive action plan, crafted by Moose Athletics professional instructors to address the needs and areas specific to each player.
    5. Final player evaluation, start to finish progression throughout the program.
    6. Next Level Fall session is limited to 12 players.

    When: Mon/Wed/Fri 6:00-8:00pm


    Sept. 19th - Nov. 21st 

    Location: 1844 Star Batt Dr. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

    Additional Info:

    • Limited to 16 players
    • Returning Next Level participants email Coach Moose to receive your $50 gift card good for any Moose Athletics program


    1827 Northfield Drive

    Rochester Hills, MI 48309

    Gear to Bring

    - Baseball or other athletic clothing

    - Baseball glove

    - Baseball cap

    - Cleats and tennis or turf shoes

    - Catcher's gear

    - Protective athletic cup

    Moose Gear

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